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Our Mission

To create an space which allows all to dance with love, freedom, and expression. Chandni’s house of dance provides a safe, fun, and educational community for its students to be proud of. We create a support system, team, and family that stands on the pillars of love and kindness.

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Our Students

Chandni's House of Dance is proud to be the only all girls dance school specializing in Bollywood. From beginners to experts who can't get enough, we have them all at Chandni's House of Dance. Each class has a family environment and is rooted in love and kindness.

Our Instructors

Christina Chandni


Bollywood Choreographer & Instructor


Christina Chandni was born to dance! Public performances, teaching classes and choreographing events are some of the highlights on her resume. Now in 2019 in a school of her own, Christina is ready to dance with you! Christina started dance at just 3 years old at Rangeela Dance School. A love for learning soon lead to an expert dancer with a passion to share her talents. Teaching since the age of 14 and cultivating her talent since Christina offers over 10 years of solid experience. 

Justine Nijjer

Justine Nijjer has always had a passion for dancing and performing. In just 2 short years she has taken on Bollywood and Bhangra dancing and has worked her way up to being an assistant instructor. Justine's dedication, passion and hard work have made her dreams come true! Her talents speak for themselves and we are extremely proud to have her be a part of the team!

Assistant Instructor 


Jayda Bhinder has been trained in Ballet, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Lyrical & Tap. Jayda has competed internationally representing the Junior Canada Team at the IDO world championships! We are so honoured and excited for her to be apart of our team.

Justine Nijjer

Jayda Bhinder

Hip Hop Choreographer

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